Cricket is one of the favorite pastimes on this sports-mad island, a fact that was seen with the national celebrations that followed Bermuda's qualification for the Cricket World Cup in 2007. Bermuda is the smallest country ever to make the finals of the competition, and its cricketeers are treated as heroes in their homeland. The island's cricket season runs from April through September.

Bermuda Cricket Board. The board was founded in 1938 and is in charge of scheduling, game regulations, and player development. Visit the BCB's website to learn more about its history, review past and upcoming events, and much more. 441/292–8958;

Cup Match. Among Bermuda cricket aficionados, Cup Match in late July or early August is the summer sporting event, played over two days. The top players from around the island compete in two teams: the East End team and the West End team. Although the match is taken very seriously, the event itself is a real festival, complete with plenty of Bermudian food and music. Cup Match coincides with two national holidays, Emancipation Day and Somers' Day. Emancipation Day is the celebration of the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act in 1834, which freed Bermuda's slaves, and Somers' Day celebrates Admiral Sir George Somers discovering Bermuda, which led to its settlement in 1609. Cup Match is Bermuda's only venue for legal gambling: the Crown & Anchor tent is pitched at the field. Thousands of picnickers and partiers show up during the two-day match. Fans wear colors to support their team—light blue on dark blue represents the East End, and navy on red represents the West End. General admission tickets are available each day at the stadium entrance.

The venue alternates each year between the St. George’s Cricket Club and the Somerset Cricket Club in Sandys Parish. See for Match Cup information. St. George's Cricket Club, 56 Wellington Slip Rd., St. George’s, Saint George’s Parish, GE02. 441/297–0374;