The 46ers

In an immense park known for its Olympic-grade mountains, some peaks still manage to stick out. Over the years, hikers have compiled a list of the 46 highest peaks in the park. Although mountain climbers once believed all 46 were higher than 4,000 feet, we know now that the four shortest are not.

They all make for a good climb, though. And if you’re ambitious and hardy enough to climb all of them, your feat will get you inducted into Adirondack Forty-Sixers Inc. The 46ers club ( promotes conservation and works with the state on projects within the park.

Though many can now claim this accolade, Adirondacks visitors George and Robert Marshall and their guide Herbert Clark became the first to climb the High Peaks in 1925.

According to, the 46 highest peaks in the park are:

Mt. Marcy, 5,344 feet

Algonquin Peak, 5,114

Mt. Haystack, 4,960

Mt. Skylight, 4,926

Whiteface Mountain, 4,867

Dix Mountain, 4,857

Gray Peak, 4,840

Iroquois Peak, 4,840

Basin Mountain, 4,827

Gothics, 4,736

Mt. Colden, 4,714

Giant Mountain, 4,627

Nippletop, 4,620

Santanoni Peak, 4,607

Mt. Redfield, 4,606

Wright Peak, 4,580

Saddleback Mountain, 4,515

Panther Peak, 4,442

Tabletop Mountain, 4,427

Rocky Peak Ridge, 4,420

Macomb Mountain, 4,405

Armstrong Mountain, 4,400

Hough Peak, 4,400Seward Mountain, 4,361

Mt. Marshall, 4,360

Allen Mountain, 4,340

Big Slide Mountain, 4,240

Esther Mountain, 4,240

Upper Wolfjaw, 4,185

Lower Wolfjaw, 4,175

Street Mountain, 4,166

Phelps Mountain, 4,161

Mt. Donaldson, 4,140

Seymour Mountain, 4,120

Sawteeth, 4,100

Cascade Mountain, 4,098

South Dix, 4,060

Porter Mountain, 4,059

Mt. Colvin, 4,057

Mt. Emmons, 4,040

Dial Mountain, 4,020

East Dix, 4,012

Blake, 3,960

Cliff Mountain, 3,960

Nye Mountain, 3,895

Couchsachraga Peak, 3,820

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