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Cabs cost BZ$7–BZ$10 for one person between any two points in the city, plus BZ$1 for each additional person. Outside the city, and from downtown to the suburbs, you'll be charged by distance traveled. Traveling between the international airport and any point in the city (including the businesses and hotels along the Goldson Highway north of the city center) is BZ$50 for two persons, with BZ$10 for each additional person. There are no meters, so agree on a price before you leave. Authorized taxis have green license plates. You can find taxis near the Swing Bridge and at the Novelo’s bus terminal, or hotels will call them for you (this is preferred, because the hotel people know the dependable drivers). Otherwise, for pickup, call Cinderella Plaza Taxi Stand.


Cinderella Plaza Taxi Stand. Freetown Rd., near Douglas Jones St., Belize City, Belize District. 203/3340.

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