Berner Oberland Itineraries

Austrian National Tourist Office/ Diejun

    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Art and Culture
  • Natural Beauty
  • History
  • Great Train Ride
Fly into: Vienna Fly out of: Zurich
Total Duration: 13 days

The hills are alive in this itinerary! Experience the charms of Vienna and Zurich along with the classic mountainside towns of Innsbruck, Interlaken, and Luzern. The route is easy to follow by rail.

Schweiz Tourismus/

    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Food and Wine
  • Natural Beauty
  • Art and Culture
Fly into: Milan Fly out of: Zürich
Total Duration: 15 days

Italy's and Switzerland's Alpine regions are some of the most magical destinations in Europe, and this trip takes you to the best lakes and mountains in the area. You'll crisscross between the two countries, exploring lake-side towns and islands, as well as postcard-perfect mountains and valleys.


    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Natural Beauty
  • Shopping
  • Architecture
Fly into: Zürich Fly out of: Geneva
Total Duration: 14 days

Try the Switzerland Sampler for a taste of this tiny country's wares. From cosmopolitan Zurich and Geneva to the quaint charms of Luzern and Zermatt to Bern's sleepy appeal, this itinerary gives you a good sense of what's to be seen here.

Crans-Montana Tourisme/

    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Natural Beauty
  • History
  • Museums
Fly into: Zurich Fly out of: Geneva
Total Duration: 10 days

This itinerary will take you to great heights. From Mount Pilatus near Luzern to the Matterhorn, the Grindelwald, Mürren and Mont Blanc, this trip aims to be tip-top. Don't be afraid to slow down and enjoy the scenery as you travel from point to point, especially when moving from Lauterbrunnen to Zermatt and between Lausanne and Geneva.


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