Top Reasons to Go to Slovakia

Appreciate Art: Slovakia's artists provide an impressive repertoire both in galleries and on the street, where quirky statuary sometimes competes for attention with graffiti art, especially in Bratislava.

Trek the Back Roads: Slovakia's natural landscape is impressively varied and unspoiled, from the northern Carpathian and Tatra mountain ranges to southern Danube lowlands, so it's a haven for hikers. Spelunkers love Central Europe's largest cave systems too.

Wander the Villages: Like many places in the Eastern Bloc, small towns and villages look neglected and shabby, but are still brimming with an authenticity often lost in the highly polished hamlets of the West.

Wine and Dine: Slovakia's central location and long history of foreign domination has left a rich cuisine that blends Polish, Russian, Austrian, and Hungarian traditions. Visit the Takaj wine region, which is known for its sweet, distinctively flavored dessert wines, though drier Tokaji wines are becoming increasingly popular.

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Top Reasons to Go to Slovakia

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Top Reasons to Go to Slovakia

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