Rome Itineraries


    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Natural Beauty
  • Food and Wine
  • Art and Culture
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
Fly into: Milan Fly out of: Rome
Total Duration: 11 days

The Italian Renaissance, a golden age of art and culture, celebrated beauty, innovation, and mathematical proportion. You can read it in Dante, see it in Michelangelo, and be engulfed by it when you walk into a Renaissance church. This tour highlights key Renaissance sites and masterpieces in eight different locales, including the major cities of Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome, as well some more remote, less frenetic destinations.

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    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Architecture
  • Food and Wine
  • Beaches
  • Museums
  • Great Drive
Fly into: Rome Fly out of: Rome
Total Duration: 10 days

"Mezzogiorno" means "midday"; it's the informal name given to southern Italy, a region where a blazing sun heats up villages (sometimes making it imperative to remain indoors during peak summer hours) and casts a commanding glow. This is a magical land whose "Renaissance" happened in the 13th century during the reign of Frederick II. A car is usually the best way to get around, as train service can be slow and erratic. A quick overnight in Rome kicks off this road trip. You then go south to the beautiful Amalfi Coast, after which you'll head to Puglia, known for its mysterious trulli and its phenomenal food. From Puglia, you'll turn back north to bustling Naples, and wrap things up with another day in Rome.


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