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France's prime preoccupations with food and wine are nowhere better celebrated than in Burgundy. Although it might sound glib, the best way to experience the region is to stay for as long as possible because there is so much to see and do here. If you want to go bike riding, the obvious place to set up is Beaune. If, on the other hand, you're an amateur medieval art historian or are interested in the lesser-known wines of Irancy, Chitry, and Tonnerre, base yourself at Auxerre or Vézelay in northern Burgundy. This will allow you to focus on these pursuits while also visiting vineyards, the cathedral of Sens, and (on a northward detour) the elegant, delightful town of Troyes. If you prefer the conveniences of modern cities but also want a taste of medieval Burgundy, then Dijon offers you the best of both worlds. Burgundy's capital has all the charm of another era and all the functionality of a major metropolis. It's the gateway to the Côte d'Or, as well as the perfect place to set off for exploring the back roads of Burgundy.

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