National Express buses serve the region from London's Victoria Coach Station. Average travel times are 3 hours to Cambridge and Norwich, 2½ hours to Bury St. Edmunds, and 4½ hours to Lincoln.

Long-distance buses are useful for reaching the region and traveling between its major centers, but for smaller hops, local buses are best. First and Stagecoach buses cover the Cambridge, Lincolnshire, and Norwich areas. Information about local Norfolk service and county service is available from the Norfolk Bus Information Centre. Traveline can answer public transportation questions.

A FirstDay ticket, which covers a day of unlimited bus travel around Norwich and the Norfolk coast, costs £14, while a FirstWeek pass, good for seven days, costs £26. These tickets cover all buses except the Park and Ride shuttles that link parking lots with the town center. There are also various local passes that cost from around £4 to £10 daily, £10 to £21 weekly. You can buy any of these tickets from the driver.


Norfolk Bus Information Centre. 0845/300–6116.

Stagecoach. 01223/433250; www.stagecoachbus.com/about/east.

Traveline. 0871/200–2233; 84268; www.traveline.info.

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