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Use a Treasure Map to Find Wooden Giants Hidden in the Copenhagen Wilderness


A Danish artist named Thomas Dambo has constructed 6 giants out of wood and other recycled materials, and hidden them all in different locations somewhere in the Copenhagen wilderness. The gigantic creatures are made entirely of anything Dambo is able to scavenge (an old wooden shed, a fence, a lot of centuries-old wooden pallets, etc).



He hides these gigantic guys in locations based on specific criteria: in his favorite places and ones where people don’t go to very often. Oh, and you can only find them in two ways: a treasure map or a poem engraved into a rock, located somewhere nearby each giant. The poem will give you a hint as to where each one is—but first you have to find the rock.




Dambo hopes his giants will inspire others to create art out of recycled materials, and we hope it inspires people to do the same and also continue hiding things in the wood for us to find.

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