Horseback Riding

Provo Ponies. Provo Ponies offers morning and afternoon rides along quiet dirt roads, through short brush trails, and then out onto the beauty of Long Bay Beach, where you and your horse may take a dip in the shallow waters of the Caicos Banks before heading back to the stable. Horses are matched according to your riding ability, with no rider under seven and no double riding allowed. Reservations are required, and there is a 240-pound weight limit. Pickup at your Grace Bay hotel or villa can be arranged for an additional $10 per person, which is great for those who’ve decided not to hire a rental car. It's closed on Sundays to give the horses their well-deserved rest. Dolphin Rd., Long Bay, Providenciales, TKCA 1ZZ. 649/946–5252; 649/241–6350; A 60-min ride is $96; a 90-min ride is $118, with an additional fee for a private ride. Closed Sun..

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