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In Trinidad, taxis are readily available at Piarco Airport; the fare to Port of Spain is set at $30 ($45 after 10 pm). In Tobago the fare from Crown Point Airport to Scarborough or Grafton Beach is about $65. Taxis in Trinidad and Tobago are easily identified by their license plates, which begin with the letter H. Passenger vans, called Maxi Taxis, pick up and drop off passengers as they travel (like a bus) and are color-coded according to which of the six areas they cover. Rates are generally less than $1 per trip. (Yellow is for Port of Spain, red for eastern Trinidad, green for south Trinidad, and black for Princes Town. Brown operates from San Fernando to the southeast—Erin, Penal, Point Fortin. The only color for Tobago is blue.) They're easy to hail day or night along most of the main roads near Port of Spain. For longer trips you need to hire a private taxi. Cabs aren't metered, and hotel taxis can be expensive.

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