Resorts in Trinidad are few and far between, and many are a long drive from Port of Spain and the airport. However, a few eco-conscious options are worth the hassle, particularly if you are a bird-watcher. Tobago has many lodging options, and it's a much smaller island with better beaches, so your choice of resort there is driven more by the amenities you want and your budget than by the resort's location.

Beach Resorts: Tobago has a nice mix of midsize resorts, including several offering a fair degree of luxury, but there are also many choices for budget-oriented tourists, as is the case in Trinidad, where fewer tourists mean better value at the small beach resorts that cater primarily to locals. Few hotels on either island offer anything but room-only rates, though there are two all-inclusive resorts on Tobago.

Ecoresorts: An especially good option for nature lovers, particularly bird-watchers, is Trinidad's Asa Wright Nature Centre Lodge. Several of Tobago's small resorts are particularly green.

Hotels: Though they have nice pools and other resort-type amenities, Trinidad's hotels are geared more for business travelers. Options for beachgoers are more limited and farther removed from Port of Spain.

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