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Driving in Statia is not difficult, mostly because there are not that many places to go. Street signs are few, but anyone you ask for directions will be more than happy to help you. The roads are generally in good condition. Daily rates for a car rental begin at $35.

Car-Rental Contacts

ARC Car Rental. Airport Rd., Oranjestad, n/a St. Eustatius. 599/318–2595.

Brown's Car Rental. White Wall Rd. 8, Oranjestad, n/a St. Eustatius. 599/318–2266; 599/318–2528.

Hendrickson Car Rental. 599/318–1442.

Rainbow Car Rental. Statia Mall, Oranjestad, n/a St. Eustatius. 599/318–2811.

Rivers Car Rental. 599/318–2309.

Walter's. Chapel Piece, Oranjestad, n/a St. Eustatius. 599/318–2719.

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