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U.S. Lifts Import Limits on Cuban Rum and Cigars


The U.S. Departments of Treasury and Commerce have now lifted the import limit on Cuban alcohol and tobacco, which means products from Cuba are now subject to the same import duty as those form any other country, and can be brought back in larger quantities. Previously, visitors to Cuba have been allowed to bring back just $100 worth of Cuban alcohol and tobacco—considering that quality Cuban cigars a sold for a minimum of $25 each, the limit didn’t get you very far.

However, a few caveats apply:

  • To take advantage of the new limits, you must travel to Cuba legally. The U.S. government currently recognizes 12 categories of approved travel for its citizens. Education, cultural exchange, family visits, and journalism are among them; leisure tourism is still not permitted.
  • Products must be for personal consumption and may not be resold. Cuban rum and cigars still cannot be sold in American tobacco and liquor stores.
  • You must bring the products back yourself. Ordering online or by phone and having your cigars shipped to you is not allowed.

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