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Experts May Have Uncovered the Mystery Behind the Bermuda Triangle


An upcoming Science Channel documentary claims to have uncovered the cause behind the Bermuda Triangle’s propensity for shipwrecks, downed planes, and vanished aviation pioneers. So what’s to blame? Aliens, an ancient curse, or an Illuminati conspiracy? It turns out that the likely culprit is clouds. According to meteorologists, the Bermuda Triangle sees an unusual amount of hexagonal-shaped clouds that can be up to 50 miles across that cause localized high winds. These winds may explain so many vessels have met an unfortunate end within the million square miles of open sea between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

However, some experts aren’t so sure that the mystery is solved. NBC meteorologist Kevin Corriveau saying that the hexagonal cloud shapes in Bermuda are “not the cloud signature of what a microburst looks like.”

For more on this story visit The Telegraph.

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