Cricket in Bermuda

The Oval and Lords are names of English cricket grounds that evoke memories of Britain long ago, a time of cucumber sandwiches and tea poured from china pots—but the cricket scene in Bermuda is definitely Caribbean. The thwack of leather on willow is the same, but overcast skies and frequent breaks as the ground staff move quickly to put the rain covers in place are not for these players. The fans, gathered on grassy knolls and open terraces, are also far removed from those back in England, where the game originated. Polite clapping and hearty hurrahs are not to be heard here. Instead the air is filled with chanting, and the grandstands reverberate to the sound of music. Allegiances are clearly defined, though few miles separate the opposing factions—mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters all cheering on their favorites. As the match comes to a conclusion, the setting sun falls low behind the clubhouse, and players and fans mingle to await the dawn of another day of runs, catches, and cries of "Howzat."

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