Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

Most major hotels offer windsurfing equipment. The best areas are Nonsuch Bay and the east coast (notably Half Moon and Willoughby bays), which is slightly less protected and has a challenging juxtaposition of sudden calms and gusts.

KiteAntigua. KiteAntigua offers kiteboarding lessons; kiteboard rentals (for the certified) are also available at $30 per hour, $50 half day, and $70 full day. The varied multiday lesson packages are expensive but thorough. KiteAntigua closes from September through November, when winds aren't optimal. The center is on a stretch near the airport, but road trips to secret spots are arranged for experienced kitesurfers seeking that sometimes harrowing "high." Jabberwock Beach, St. John. 268/720–5483; 268/727–3983; $280, 4-hr private beginner's course .

Windsurfing Antigua. Patrick Scales of Windsurfing Antigua has long been one of Antigua's, if not the Caribbean's, finest instructors; he now offers a mobile service in high season. He provides top-flight equipment for $30 per hour (first hour; $25 subsequent hours, $70 per half day, and $80 per day), two-hour beginner lessons for $90, and specialty tours to Half Moon Bay and other favorite spots for experienced surfers. Jabberwock Beach, St. John. 268/461–9463; 268/773–9463;