Sailing and Snorkeling

Not a sailor yourself? Consider signing up for one of the following boat tours. Each tour provides a great opportunity to enjoy the seafaring life while someone else captains the ship.

Miguel's Holiday Adventures. Miguel's Holiday Adventures leaves every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning at 10 from the Hodges Bay jetty for snorkeling, rum punches, and lunch at Prickly Pear Island, which offers both shallow and deepwater snorkeling, as well as hiking. In this comfortable family operation, Miguel's wife, Josephine, prepares an authentic, lavish West Indian buffet including lobster, and Miguel and his son Terrence are caring instructors. 268/460–9978; 268/772–3213; 268/723–7418;

Tropical Adventures. Barbuda day trips on the catamaran Excellence overflow with rum and high spirits, as do circumnavigations of Antigua. Tropical Adventures also operates ecokayaking tours and slightly more sedate, intimate catamaran cruises from sunset to snorkeling on the Mystic. 268/480–1225; From $85.

Wadadli Cats. Wadadli Cats offers several cruises, including a circumnavigation of the island and snorkeling at Bird Island or Cades Reef, on its five sleek catamarans, including the handsome, fully outfitted Spirit of Antigua. Prices are fair, and advance direct bookers get a free T-shirt. 268/462–4792; From $95.