Auckland can be good for cycling if you stick to certain areas, such as around the waterfront. With a road bike, you can join a "bunch ride." Cyclists leave designated points most mornings and welcome guests; cycle shops can point you in the right direction. On weekends bunch rides can cover up to 150 km (93 miles) and will show you parts of the countryside that most won't get to see, plus stop off for a mandatory coffee.

Adventure Cycles. This outfit can provide maps of biking routes that avoid pitfalls such as traffic and roadwork (and there's always roadwork in Auckland). Bikes run from NZ$25 for a full day to NZ$230 for a month. You can even bring your own saddle and pedals. A full range of related gear, like panniers, helmets, and lights, can also be rented. Here for a while? The friendly crew will sell you a bike and then buy it back for half price. Though the company does not organize bike tours, it provides as much information as needed. It's closed Tuesday and Wednesday. 9 Premier Ave., Western Springs, Auckland, Auckland, 1022. 09/940–2453;