Diving & Snorkeling

Eleuthera Plongee. This French outfit has been operating in Tahiti for more than 10 years taking experienced divers to 30 sites and training newcomers. They will take you on wreck dives, shark dives, and night dives. Marina Tania, PK 9, Coastal road, Puna'auia, Tahiti, Windward Islands. 42–49–29. www.dive-tahiti.com.

Scuba Trek Tahiti. This operation is run by the Tahiti Yacht Club. Three dives take place per day to sights around the north coast of the island, with prices starting at 4,800 CFP per dive; there are discounts for multiple dives. PK 4, Coastal road, Arue, Tahiti, Windward Islands. 42–23–55. www.scubatek-tahiti.com.