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Seafood is Fiji's star ingredient. Countless locals make their livings as divers and fishermen, keeping the local restaurants and open-air markets stocked with prawns, lobsters, scallops, walu, tuna, and ika (fish) of the day. Some even go door-to-door in the mornings, peddling the day's catch. Due to a lack of steady tourism, many mainland restaurants offer what appears to Westerners a ridiculously wide range of cuisines in order to appeal to locals. It's common to see curries, Chinese-style dishes, seafood, and pizzas all crowding the same menu. Because most chefs are Indo-Fijian, curries are generally your best bet.

Suva, the nation's capital, has far and away the country's biggest restaurant scene, with a couple of outstanding venues on or near its attractive harbor. Its diversity, however, is rivaled by the large resorts of the Coral Coast and Denarau that have up to four dining venues with globe-spanning menus. Virtually all hotels welcome nonguests to dine at their restaurants.

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