Sports and the Outdoors

Kolkata still puts class first when it comes to sports, with the result that you need to be a member's guest to enter the golf and racing clubs. But if you’d like to just see a little cricket, head to the Maidan: on nice days it can sometimes seem like one big cricket pitch.

Calcutta Cricket and Football Club. Whether you want to watch or play, get cricket information from the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club. Rugby, tennis, and swimming are also done here. 19–1 Gurusaday Rd., South Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal. 33/2461–5060.

Calcutta Polo Club. Established in 1862, Calcutta Polo Club is one of the oldest running polo clubs still in operation. Matches are played against the picturesque backdrop of the Victoria Memorial. 31 J. L. Nehru Rd., Central Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal. 33/2282–2311;

Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Established in 1829 by the British as the first golf course outside of the United Kingdom, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club still caters to the city's elite. 18 Golf Club Rd., South Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal. 33/2473–1288; 33/2473–1352;