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This Train Goes Right Through an Apartment Building (on Purpose)


When line 2 of the Chongqing Rail Transit disappears into the side of an apartment building, it may look like a Platform 9¾ situation, but it actually turns out to be a clever bit of design. With its towering skyscrapers and population of 49 million, finding free space for new infrastructure has proven challenging, to say the least. But the Liziba station provides a creative if unconventional solution. The station is built into the 6th to 8th floors of the 19-story of a residential apartment, allowing the train to sail smack dab through the middle of building.

The combination apartment building/train station isn’t the only way Chinese cities are using buildings with multiple functions to approach the unique issues of modern cities. Nanjing plans to fight rising levels of carbon dioxide with “vertical forests.”

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