Chengdu's Green Tea

Not many people know that some of the best green tea comes from the mountains of western Sichuan. In Chengdu, the art of drinking tea is taken very seriously and almost every local is passionate about their chosen favorite leaf.

Chengdu’s most celebrated green tea, grown row upon row on Sichuan’s Emei Mountain (Emeishan), is called Zhuye qing (Bamboo Leaf Green). Slightly bitter, crisp, and earthy in flavor, Zhu Ye Qing is also the name of a ritzy tea franchise with several outlets in Chengdu and generous sample tastings.

If you want to sample some good tea, head to People's Park, Wenshu Temple, or the recently redeveloped kuan xiangzi and zhai xiangzi (wide and narrow alley) area. Another interesting experience is to wander the fragrant alleys of Chengdu’s Northside Tea Market (五块石茶叶市场 Wŭkuàishí cháyè shìchăng), a wholesale tea market featuring tea from all over China along with an incredible selection of tea utensils including teapots, pickers, boilers, scoopers, and patterned glasses. You’ll no doubt be invited to sample a variety of different teas. Remember that buying is optional, and bargaining is expected and part of the fun.

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