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Mwasalat operates both local bus service within Muscat and bus service between major cities in Oman and to Dubai. Coaches are clean, affordable, and relatively reliable. The only major disadvantage of using the bus to travel long distances is longer travel times. Local bus service in Muscat is very new, but the routes can take you to every neighborhood in the metro area, and there are always plenty of cabs near the bus stops to take you to your final destination. Many tourists choose to take the bus from Muscat to Salalah rather than fly or attempt the 13-hour drive themselves. Locals and visitors alike often take advantage of the Muscat-to-Dubai route, which is extremely inexpensive. Bus fare for local service can be paid in cash when entering the bus, and long-distance tickets can be booked at the station or online.


Mwasalat. The only bus operator in Oman, Mwasalat recently launched local bus service throughout the capital city of Muscat and the surrounding suburbs. The company also runs bus service between major cities within Oman and between Oman and Dubai. The buses are clean and safe. Find the most up-to-date schedules and pricing on their website or by calling ahead. Various stops and offices throughout Oman, 2412–1555; 2412-1500 ; 2554–0019; 2329–2773; 4252–5909; mwasalat.om.

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