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Apart from tiny Farafra, all oases have tourist information offices. All are usually open Saturday through Thursday from 8 to 2, often with additional evening hours; sometimes they're open Friday. They can help with hotels, tours, transportation, emergencies, and most anything else. You may need to ask around to find someone who speaks English.


Bahariya Tourist Information Office. On the main street, in the garden of the municipal building, Bawiti, Giza. 02/3847-3039.

Dakhla Tourist Information Office. Shar‘a al-Thauwra al-Khadra, Mut, New Valley. 092/782–1686.

Kharga Tourist Information Office. Shar‘a Jamal ‘Abd al-Nasir, near Maydan Nasir, Al-Kharga, New Valley. 092/792-1206.

Siwa Tourist Information Office. On the main road, near the police station, Siwa, Matruh. 046/460–2338.

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