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Buses to all oases except Siwa leave Cairo from the Targoman Station (Cairo Gateway) off Shar‘a Galaa in Boulaq, and from Moneib Terminal, about 400 meters north of Moneib metro station in Giza. At least four buses travel each day from Moneib Terminal to Bahariya (4½ hours), one of which continues on to Farafra (7 hours) and Dakhla (12 hours). Overnight buses to Kharga (8–10 hours) leave the Targoman Station and travel via the Desert Road that runs parallel to the Nile Valley as far south as Asyut before cutting inland to the oasis. At least one bus a day continues on to Dakhla, about three hours farther on. There is also a morning bus from the Targoman Station to Bahariya.

For Siwa, you must travel first to Alexandria (3 hours) or Marsa Matruh (7 hours) then change. Buses leave Sidi Gabr Station in Alexandria for Siwa (9 hours) several times a day, stopping briefly at Moharrem Bey Terminal and taking on new passengers in Marsa Matruh. Alternatively, you could travel by bus to Marsa Matruh then take a local service taxi to Siwa, a 4-hour trip.

Ticket prices are quite cheap: from Cairo it’s about £E30 for Bahariya, £E55 for Farafra, £E75 for Dakhla, and £E70 for Kharga, while from Alexandria it’s £E60 for Siwa. Tickets can only be booked one way.

It is advisable to book bus seats a day in advance when traveling from Cairo, while tickets can be purchased on the bus when traveling within or leaving the oases. Super Jet buses are generally more luxurious than those of the other companies and come equipped with air-conditioning and toilets. All buses are subject to frequent breakdowns and delays.

Microbuses also serve the oases and cost about the same as regular buses. They depart from different stops throughout Cairo—such as the Bahariya Café (Shar‘a Qadri, off Shar‘a Bur Sa‘id in Sayida Zaynab), Moneib Terminal, and Ramses Station—typically as soon as they fill up. There are seats for 12, but you can buy two or three seats to give yourself some extra room.


East Delta Bus Company. 02/2577–8347.

Super Jet. 02/2290–9017; 065/355–3499; 069/366–1622; 02/2579–8181; 02/2579–8181.

Upper Egyptian Bus Company. 02/2431–6723.

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