Fodor's Expert Review Tomb of Thyti

The Theban Necropolis Ruins

This cruciform tomb is well preserved. Thyti's sepulchre dates to the Ramesside period, but it is not known to whom she was married. The corridor is decorated on both sides with a kneeling, winged figure of the goddess Maat (who represented truth, justice, balance, and order) and the queen standing in front of different divinities. In the chamber on the right is a double representation of Hathor (goddess of love, music, beauty, and dancing), first depicted as a sacred cow coming out of the mountain to receive the queen, then as a woman, accepting offerings from Thyti. This tomb is on the main path, the second one on the left after the little resting place.

Ruins Cemetery Memorial/Monument/Tomb

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Thebes, Luxor  Egypt

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