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The Theban Necropolis Ruins

The tomb of the famous wife of Ramses II is generally closed to the public, which is regrettable since it has some of the most vivid surviving decorations of any tomb in the Theban Necropolis, as the postcards you will no doubt be offered will attest. Permission for a private viewing can be sought from the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities for a substantial extra fee that is out of the reach of the typical traveler, though not of some highly expensive luxury tour groups. Like most tombs in the Valley of the Queens, Nefertari's consists of an antechamber, a corridor, various side chambers, and a tomb chapel. The walls of the antechamber are decorated with scenes showing Nefertari adoring several deities. One remarkable scene shows the queen herself seated playing senet, a popular backgammon-like game.

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Thebes, Luxor  Egypt

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