When to Go to Egypt

It's best to visit Egypt in the cooler season, which begins in November and ends in March. Summers can be oppressive, especially in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. And forget about going to the desert oases in summer.

Generally speaking, it doesn't rain in Egypt. In cooler months, Alexandria and the Mediterranean coast can get cloudy, and a few wet days aren't uncommon. Considering how arid and relentlessly sunny the rest of the country is, these brief wet conditions can be a welcome relief.

Weather along the Mediterranean or Red Sea coasts remains temperate throughout the year. The water does get a bit cold between December and March, but never frigid.


Egypt's climate is characterized by hot and dry summers in most of the country. The areas that are most humid are the Delta and along the Mediterranean coast. Summer lasts from the end of April until the beginning of October. Spring is very short, if not nonexistent. Winter is mild, but nights do get cool.

The most important time of year to keep in mind is the 50 days of the khamaseen. Between the end of March and mid-May, dust storms whip up occasionally and blot out the sky.

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