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EgyptAir, your only option for domestic flights, operates several flights a day from Cairo to Aswan and to Abu Simbel (usually direct). There are also regular flights linking Aswan with Alexandria, Luxor, and Hurghada. From Cairo to Aswan, the journey takes about two hours one way (often with a stop in Luxor); flights from Luxor to Aswan, or from Aswan to Abu Simbel, take 30 minutes one way.


EgyptAir. EgyptAir Building, 1 Shar‘a Abtal al-Tahrir, Aswan, Aswan. 097/231–5000;

Airport Transfers

The Aswan airport is about 15 to 20 minutes from town, a taxi ride of about £E50 from Aswan. An airport shuttle bus linking Abu Simbel airport with the temple is included in all EgyptAir tickets to Abu Simbel.

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