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What to Get Your Travel-Loving Dad This Father’s Day

A gift for every type of travel dad.

Fathers can be tricky to shop for. Some are obsessed with their bikes, but they’re also particular about them. For some, new clothes are their last priority—they’ve got a button-up from five years ago, why would they possibly need another? Though it may be tough to find the right thing for your dad, if they also love to travel, then we can help you select the perfect something. Whether you’re looking for an experience or wanting something for him to unwrap, we’ve got you covered. These are the best Father’s Day gifts for the father figure in your life.

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For the Dad Who Bikes

If your dad’s favorite way to explore a new city—or even hometown—is on two wheels, consider the gift of a bike race. Depending on the level of dedication he’s given towards the hobby, he might be particular about things like helmets, bike shorts, and even sweatbands. A bike race, however–whether local or in a new place–offers them a chance to do what they love with people who feel the same. Additionally, it oftentimes gives them the opportunity to explore not always bike-friendly routes. USA Cycling lets you type in your destination of choice, compiling a list of all upcoming races there, competitive and recreational.

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For the Dad Who Underpacks

We all know a dad who, no matter the length of the trip, manages to pack one pair of pants, two t-shirts, and (if lucky) a button-up. He’s laid back to the point of being wildly unprepared. We’re not trying to change his underpacking habits, instead, we’re trying to improve them via versatility. Unlike the rest of the family, he didn’t think to check the weather for the camping trip? No worries, these Alo Yoga pants zip off into shorts. Two-for-one clothing will double their wardrobe without doubling their carry-on.

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For the Dad Who Loves a Wine Tasting

Perhaps your dad’s favorite weekend activity was exploring a new vineyard, sampling wines, and sharing his favorites at the next family get-together. He’s sipped in Italy and France and can tell you the notes with just a sniff. Unfortunately—with restaurants and bars closing for portions of the past year—his hobby may have been put on hold. To bring the wine tasting to him, subscribe your dad to a monthly wine delivery program. If he’s looking to taste something new, the Wine of the Month Club sends two bottles for $39 a month. And if he wants a bite to accompany his glass, the Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club sends over a carefully selected wine and cheese each month for $30. While it may not be the same as visiting a vineyard and talking to local sommeliers, it’s the perfect thing to hold him over until he’s comfortable venturing out again.

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For the Dad Who Needs a Group Picture

“Come on everyone, let’s get together for a selfie.” If you hear this sentence uttered at every destination—whether it be the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower—it’s time to upgrade your dad’s selfie game. While a group picture is a great way to remember a trip, selfies often mean that the photos are all faces minus the destination, which is usually cut off. As you scroll through the camera roll of up-close faces and obscured backdrops you’ll wonder, “Was this New York or Chicago, the French Quarters or France?” seemingly negating that memory-making picture. To avoid the unflattering selfie angles and to ensure you’re getting a picture that’s as much of the group as it is the destination, you’ll want to get your dad a tripod. JOBY’s GripTight tripod attaches to your dad’s cellphone and allows him to set up just about anywhere—with the legs able to stand on their own or bend to hold on to railings and branches.

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For the Environmentally Friendly Dad

Maybe your dad watched the Greta Thunberg documentary or perhaps he’s always been with it—regardless of when, how, or why, he’s about being green. As a traveler, he knows the importance of environmentalism—as an Earth explorer one must also honor the Earth—but he knows it can sometimes be hard to be eco-conscious on the road. To help him on his mission towards seeing and saving the Earth, you’ll want to get him the PlogSack. Plogging is the act of jogging while picking up litter (though, a brisk walk, hike, or stroll are all acceptable). The PlogSack helps those looking to explore and help the Earth store the litter until they can find the appropriate receptacle.

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For the Dad Who Fishes

Maybe he’s not so much a traveler as much as he is a water explorer. On the weekends he can be found on the river, traversing local and sometimes lesser-known waterways. Being on the water brings him calm after a long week and he brings back a cooler of freshly caught fish. If you’ve got a fishing dad, consider Yeti’s LoadOut GoBox, which comes in four color options. This box is durable, waterproof, stackable, and—with plenty of compartments, pockets, and dividers inside—perfect for organizing bait, lines, and hooks.

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For the Dad Who Pampers

This dad has traveled to corners of the earth to bathe in magical mud said to make skin look ten years younger. At each resort, he books not one but two of the spa’s signature treatments. For him, travel is about being pampered. Even if he’s unable to travel this Father’s Day, he can still indulge in the finer things with a hometown staycation. Book your dad an appointment at a local spa for a massage, facial treatment, or just a moment of relaxation in a sauna.