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Stomp the Trail in These 9 Stylish Hiking Boots

You’ll look so good in these boots you’ll be giving Mother Nature a run for her money.

When it comes to equipping ourselves for active, outdoorsy pursuits, function tends to be prized over fashion. After all, when you head out on a hiking trail you’re there to see, not be seen. But wouldn’t it be just a little more fun if you were exploring nature in an outfit that could land you on the cover of Vogue: Wilderness Edition?

Even if you’re not the type to have a mini photoshoot at the summit before you begin your descent, there’s a distinct joy—and a confidence—that comes with a well put-together, head-to-toe look. Give your next trek a stylish foundation with these boots.

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For the Well-Rounded Adventurer

Having been in business for the better part of a century, Danner has had plenty of time to perfect their boots. The Adrika boot (particularly in the “Prairie Sand” color) is perhaps the platonic ideal of a boot that’s meant for people looking to have a full-scale adventure while also looking like they’re set to star in a movie about all the inspiring adventures they’re having.

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For the Post-Hike Brunch Crowd

Sometimes the only things better than getting some fresh air and exercise are the eggs benedict and mimosas you indulge in after you’ve sufficiently worked up your appetite. These lace-up boots from Madewell are functional enough that you can stroll an easily graded trail with ease while not looking out of place (post-COVID) at your favorite brunch spot.

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For the Hiker That Sorts by Price: High to Low

Many (perhaps the majority) of us can only dream about slipping our plebian feet into a pair of Jimmy Choos. But hey, the fabulously wealthy like to get out into nature, too. So, if you happen to be a member of this rarefied set, make sure your next high-altitude trek has high-end boots to match. These boots from Jimmy Choo are the height of sophisticated style while still maintain the look of a tried and true hiking boot.

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For the Hiker That’s Ready to Forsake All Others

To describe the Lucie Mid boot from Forsake as a workhorse would certainly be accurate. Waterproof, comfortable, and sturdy, these boots will take you onto the trail and through slushy city streets with ease. But they’re stylish enough (and come in a range of versatile neutral and earth tone colors) that they could easily become a permanent fixture of your day-to-day wardrobe.

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The Boot That’s Practically a Work of Art

The Ansel Boot from Season Three puts an updated spin on the classic European hiking boot. You’ll be able to conquer mountains and cocktail hour without ever having to change your footwear. The “Extreme Conditions” version (a collaboration with multimedia designer with Benjamin Edgar) takes that updated vision a few steps further with its long-haired suede and the striking hue of the “Internet Blue” option.

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For the Hiker Sporting a Worn-Out Pair of Stan Smiths

For a casual trail, a straightforward sneaker will probably get the job done. And while Adidas may be best known for its sneakers, they still offer a shoe that’s sturdier without sacrificing style. The Terrex Hikester Low Hiking Shoes has a lightweight design with enough grip that you’ll be able to explore confidently. It also features accents that give it enough pop of color to keep things interesting.

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For the Hiker With Magpie Tendencies

Even the most stylish of hiking boots tend to come in neutral or earth tones—which make them wonderfully versatile. But sometimes you want something that’ll really pop. These ankle boots from Cougar have the classic hiker silhouette while also coming in a delightful, shimmery silver. They’re great for making a statement or for being spotted if you get lost in the wilderness.

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For the Hiker Dedicated to Sustainability

The outdoor brand On may be all about crafting a great running shoe, but don’t gloss over their contribution to the hiking boot conversation. The Cloudrock Raw Edge is sustainably made with recycled materials and is comfortable enough that you’ll feel like you’re walking on, well a cloud.

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For the Hiker That’s Really Into Vaporwave

There are a couple of elements that give Hoka One One’s TenNine hiking boot a retro-futuristic vibe. First is its design, particularly the extended heel geometry that may look like sci-fi styling but allows for greater comfort and traction. The second is the color palette, especially the “Moroccan Blue/Saffron” option, that will instantly make you feel like you’re listening to lo-fi hip hop beats to study/relax to.