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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Globe Trotter

The perfect gift for every type of travel-dad.

It’s okay to admit that you forgot Father’s Day—with little to no schedule it’s been hard to tell Tuesday from Friday, let alone remember every holiday, major or minor. But it’s not too late to pretend you knew all along with a gift that feels like it took weeks to plan. We’re helping you find a gift for every type of dad, from the one who loves camping to the foodie to the dad whose work has him at the airport weekly. Frantic Amazon search no more because we’re rounding up the perfect gifts for your travel-loving father.

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For the Dad Needing a Backpack Upgrade

If your dad is the one who on every family trip ends up holding the camera, everyone’s passports, and the hotel keys, maybe it’s time you got him a new bag to hold it all. Tell him to toss the drawstring backpack he got years ago because we’ve got something more practical and (yes) a little more stylish. Baggu sells the bag perfect for your dad on the go, and it’s cool enough you might find yourself borrowing it. Sling it across the chest, back, or wear it fanny-style—this bag has enough room to hold your camera and snacks plus some (not only that, it’s also super durable). From TSA to the trails, this sling bag can do it (and hold it) all.

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For the Dad Who Travels for Work

This dad needs to be able to fit his work clothes, post-work clothes, laptop, papers, and toiletries all into one bag. While he might have a system that works for him, there’s no reason you can’t introduce something that would make that system even better. Packing pods make loading your suitcase quick and efficient and make it so he won’t be tearing apart his luggage looking for one specific thing (because there will be a pod for that). If heading out of town is part of his monthly routine, packing pods are sure to be a life-saver—this is the gift he didn’t know he needed but won’t remember how he lived without.

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For the Dad Who Camps

He’s probably already got a tent and sleeping bag, but he might very well be missing his morning cup of coffee. This thermos, which keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold and which comes with a handle perfect for pouring out a cup of joe in the morning, is the ideal gift for your dad who, even when camping, needs a little caffeine to get through the day. And when he’s not hitting the national parks he can fill up at home before heading to work where he can now avoid the stale communal coffee because he’ll have this hot drink all day.

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For the Dad Who’s Trying to Perfect His Airplane Skincare

There’s nothing wrong with a man who cares about his skin (in fact, we encourage more men to put some time into their top shelf), and anyone who flies knows there something about airplane air and pimples that goes hand in hand. If your skincare-dad is a frequent flyer, consider a product that will keep his skin feeling fresh post-flight—something easy to carry on and apply in a rush (like this refreshing face mist). He can apply it pre, mid, or post-flight—whenever he feels his skin getting fatigued. Not only will it keep his skin in tip-top shape, but a spritz of this might just be the wake-up he needs after a long, jet-lag inducing flight.

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For the Dad Who Overpacks

This is for the dad who has to round up the family to help him close his suitcase (two people sit while two people zip). He’s the dad who, even when heading to the beach, needs a jacket because you never know what the weather really has in store. While learning how to pack practically might be something he should learn down the road, we won’t correct him today (it’s his day after all). Instead, let’s just help him out by making more space with a packable puffer. While a cold-weather jacket tends to take up serious space in a carry-on, this packable puffer folds down to practically nothing and comes with its own bag to ensure it stays condensed.

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For the Foodie Dad

He loves trying new food while abroad but no matter what he gets, nothing is quite hot enough for him (it’s a fact, dads love hot sauce). There’s an easy solution to this foodie’s problem: His favorite condiment in travel size. Mike’s Hot Honey sells their famously sweet and spicy product, which tastes good on just about everything, in the perfect size for your dad on the go. Tell him to toss it in his new bag (wow, you’ve really gone all out this Father’s Day) and take it with him—no matter where he goes, he’ll always have a taste of home (and his poor taste buds will never get a break).

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For the Travel-Dad a Bit Hard to Please

We’ve all got that one person in our family who, no matter what the gift is, never seems to be fully satisfied (they’re the one who says things like, “Oh, why this?” after they open). Maybe in your family, this hard to shop for individual is your dad. If that’s the case, by-pass the objects for something a little more practical, something they can’t be unsatisfied with because they get to do the picking—yes, we’re talking about a gift card. Groupon and Airbnb both offer gift-cards, which gives your travel-dad the chance to choose his own adventure, whether that be a practical bed and breakfast or a white-water rafting trip, it’s his choice! You buy, he picks–it’s a win-win.

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For the Mid-Life Crisis Dad

This wasn’t a mid-life crisis where suddenly you pulled up to your home to find a sports car parked in the driveway, no, this is a mid-life crisis where suddenly your dad fancies himself Tom Cruise; he does his own stunts. He hit 50 and, for some reason, he’s decided it’s time to put his body and life on the line (to each their own). To help him explore this newly-found adventurous side while making sure he comes home in one piece, why not help him get into climbing. We’re not talking Free Solo, he’s going to be hooked in and following the rules, and this kit will ensure he’s doing just that. It’s the equipment every first-climber needs, giving him a chance to dip his toes into the adrenaline water without risking serious injury.

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For the Dad Always Wanting to Make Memories

Maybe it’s a little bit of a throwback, but a disposable camera is one of the best ways to save and remember those special moments and trips. While camera phones have made it easy to snap a picture of anything at any moment, it’s not often we go to get those photos developed (and there’s a good chance we delete them when it’s revealed our phone is running out of storage). For the dad wanting to remember those family vacations with something a little more tangible than memory, a disposable camera is the perfect gift. After vacation, it’s an easy trip to Walgreens for pictures that can, at any moment, take him back to that week abroad with his favorite people.

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For the Tech-Savvy Dad Wanting to Make Memories

The difference between this dad and the one previously mentioned is that our tech-savvy friend is always on the hunt for the latest gadget. Your dad can continue cherishing those memories and trips with something that makes even his most Wired-enthusiast friends jealous. The Polaroid Lab Instant Printer allows your dad to take his favorite photos from the trip and print them directly from his phone. The photos will come out Polaroid-style, giving these pictures a vintage-y look—these instant-prints are perfect for a wallet, frame, or wall display (and don’t be afraid to ask for duplicates, we’ll all be wanting one).

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For the Dad Who Still Uses MapQuest

Sure, maybe we poke fun, but your dad might be on to something when he says he won’t use Google Maps because he doesn’t need the government to know his business. If heading online isn’t his thing, boy do we have the gift for you! Fodor’s Guide Books are perfect for the dad who loves to hit the road without first hitting the web. We perfectly outline your favorite vacations without making him divulge his personal information and location to the phone company. For your off-the-grid dad, a travel book is a must (lest he prefers to just be lost).