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Looking Fly: The Best Airport Looks We Spotted at London’s Heathrow

There's a whole lot of style happening at Britain's busiest airport.

[Editor’s Note: These photos were taken February 14th at London Heathrow Airport, prior to the rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe.]

It should be no surprise that the international travelers wandering through London Heathrow Airport have a tendency to be some of the best dressed around (after all, Fodor’s named LHR a shopper’s paradise last year). But when Fashion Week pulls into town, it’s a whole new level of chic. So, Fodor’s strolled through Heathrow Airport on the eve of London’s Autumn/Winter show to scope out notable in-transit trends. Whether they were flying in for a VIP fashion show or just simply nailing a jet-set look, here are a few instant icons straight off the airport runway.

Highfly basics 2
Highfly Basics 4High-Flying Basics

High-Flying Basics

Nam Choo showcased effortless glam on and off her long-haul flight from South Korea. Her down coat and pastel ensemble was brought to life with a dazzling sequin bag we couldn’t help but notice. “This old thing? I got it from Zara–great, isn’t it?” We’re all for staying fabulous while not breaking the bank.

Silver Lining

Model and personality Ricky Thompson swept through arrivals with two dazzling silver suitcases, keeping true to his mantra to “look amazing and stay comfortable.” Jetting from New York to London and Milan for fashion week and to attend the Moncler show, you could tell just by looking at him that he was ready for the runway. Despite the craziness of the airport scene, Thompson managed to deliver in the category of silver, stylish, and stunning. “I love silver, it has to coordinate,” he added as a final adieu before heading towards the exit.

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Striking comfort 1_1
Striking Comfort 3
Striking Comfort 2

Striking Comfort

Gabriela Gomez’s statement wide-leg trousers caught our attention instantly. The Brazilian vintage trader showcased a pair of her second-hand trousers combined with a cute slouchy hoodie. She explained, “It’s essential while traveling to have big comfy trousers and a warm hoodie to combat airplane air con!” We agree that adding a chic spin to travel practicality is a must when visiting one of the most fashionable cities in the world.


Gate to Gucci 4
Gate to Gucci 3
Gate to Gucci 6

Gateway to Gucci

Onvyi Aguma was spotted dropping off a friend at their gate. A frequent flyer herself, Onvyi has her terminal trends down to a science. Rather than opting for the usual tracksuit, she sports an oversized red scrunchie and recommends a “romper suit and fluffy slippers, mine are Gucci.” Excuse me while I go copy this outfit for my everyday look.

Highway to hell 2
Highway to hell 3

Rockstar Glam

“I’m a photographer too, I shot AC/DC and Billy Idol in the ’80s.” Caroline Sansone was caught outside departures in a moody black trilby hat. Candidly she remarked, “The hat’s from Kenny K and the boots are Chanel.” Her carefully curated outfit of black and charcoal layers combined with oversized Ray-Ban eyeglasses and a printed scarf combined all the cool and classic elements needed to create the perfect travel ensemble. A frequent traveler, flying every four weeks to Pisa, Caroline keeps her rock-and-roll finesse intact wherever she is.

Fast-track fashion 1
Fast-track fashion 2

Fast-track Fashion

Changmin Lee was caught gliding through Terminal 2 in his gorgeous leather shearling aviator jacket. With several shopping bags in tow, he expressed how he “loves to get travel over as fast as possible.” Despite mentioning that he “has no time for style,” we had to ask about the Max Mara bag in his hand. Before jetting off towards his gate, he exclaimed: “All these bags are presents for my girlfriend!”

Upgrade Fresh 1
Upgrade Fresh 2

Upgrade Ready

While on her way to L.A., Krystal D’anjon described her style as “comfy and cute.” Head-to-toe in all white and sporting coordinating luggage and sleek shades she added, “A lot of people are seeing your outfit while you’re traveling, you never know who might cross your path. It’s better to be fresh and prepared.” Someone get this woman a first-class upgrade!

Terminal trends 1
Terminal trends 3

Terminal Trendy

En route back to Leipzig, Sophia Ve Dahm urged travelers to, “Curl your lashes, put on your statement coat, and apply plenty of moisturizer.” She described her travel outfit as “desperately trying to maintain an aesthetic.” We love a firm supporter of style over comfort, especially those who know how to survive traveling while remaining on-trend.