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Grand Circle’s 12 privately-owned European and Russian river ships range in capacity from 46 to 216 passengers, with the majority capable of carrying 140 passengers.Read More

In Russia the Tikhi Don was completely refurbished before starting operations in 2005. The Rossia followed in 2007, also undergoing a complete refurbishment. The 216-passenger Rossia and Tikhi Don both operate on the Volga, Svir, and Neva rivers between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ranging in size from 130 to 150 square feet, cabins are equipped with satellite TV.

Designed for the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers are the 140-passenger River Harmony, River Melody, River Rhapsody, and River Concerto. Some upper-deck cabins have balconies. Limited primarily to wider sections of the Danube are the 164-passenger River Aria and River Adagio. On smaller rivers, the company operates the 120-passenger Bizet. Smaller still, for cruise programs in France, are the 46-passenger, two-deck Chardonnay and Provence. Grand Circle’s sister company, Overseas Adventure Travel, operates many other small-ship cruises throughout Russia, including some river cruises, on ships that are either owned or leased by the company.

Is This Line Right for You?

Choose this Line If
Don’t Choose this Line If
You enjoy local European cuisine. Regional ingredients are used with above-average preparation and presentation.
You are older, have time, and enjoy destination-intense itineraries.
Personalized attention is important. Friendly tour directors, crew, and staff have a reputation for making passengers feel at home.
You have limited mobility. Accommodations and service are not suitable for disabled or partially disabled passengers.
You want to stop and smell the roses. Regimented cruising with tight schedules and excessive port visits can provide an unwelcome sense of urgency.
You’re traveling with the little ones. Children are not allowed on board.

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